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Work hard. Play hard.

The vision of ‘Going Far Together’ is embedded in our culture, not only with our customers but with our employees as well. We believe one of the ways we have built such a positive team culture is by "playing" together ~ and this team takes advantage of every opportunity we can to do just that! During these moments, away from business collaboration and the technical aspects of the job, allows for light-hearted fun and the ability to continue to grow within the community we have created. David Halleck, our VP of Electrical Engineering recently commented “We love to team-bond as it is important to increase communication, break down barriers and create an environment that people genuinely feel connected to one another.”

A recent article highlighted The Reasons You Should Incorporate Team Building Activities and How They Benefit Your Business. In summary, “playing” together will:

  1. Enable employees to see each other In a different light.

  2. Make employees feel valued

  3. Improve business relationships all around

Georgia Boys BBQ!

On a recent Friday night at HWI we enjoyed a fun “Poker & Game Night”. After sharing a meal together from our favorite local BBQ place, we launched a night of fun and friendly competition. Texas Hold ‘em, Ping Pong, Board Games and general revelry were enjoyed by all!

Sarah C. (Office Manager) Poker Champion!

We have built an incredible team of people at HWI. We are a group that not only works well together as we strive for excellence on behalf of our customers, but in the process we have become not just colleagues, but friends who enjoy being together!

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