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TeachLogic: HWI Customer Upgrades the Learning Environment with Classroom Sound Field Solution

TeachLogic is an education technology company that produces wireless microphones and audio systems specially engineered for K-12 classrooms. Their products increase on-task behavior while decreasing teacher voice strain. They specialize in lightweight, neck worn microphones that are convenient and comfortable to wear daily. Plus, they produce powerful, feature-rich amplifiers that integrate with various audio sources and campus communications systems.

TeachLogic systems are engineered to create a “Sound Field” layer in classrooms. The ideal Sound Field layer contains the frequency range the human ear needs (125 – 8,000 Hz) to clearly comprehend what is said and at the proper decibel level (15 dB above the room noise). Sound Field systems have the unique ability to raise student test scores, improve on-task behavior, and preserve teacher voice health.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the classroom benefits of a TeachLogic Sound System visit their site HERE.

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