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Sofia Family - New App Gives Families Effective & Flexible Screen Time Monitoring

I am one of the founders of Sofia Family, a technology startup based in Denver that has developed a really simple, yet powerful and effective way to help families limit the time kids spend in gaming, entertainment, and social media.

This product was born out of my own frustrations as a father of four. I had tried every type of product available to help manage screen time - especially gaming - and none of them could help me to manage this simple rule: "Son, you have 8 hours a week to game. I don't care whether you play on this console or that console, your computer, or your smartphone. You have 8 hours."

Sofia Family accomplishes this. Same goes for video entertainment and social media. It works for computers, smartphones, game consoles, media streamers, smart TV's, cable / sat TV, and disc players.

We are looking for Denver families to participate in our Alpha Test in August. Your family will use the product for a month, and let us know how it goes. In return, we'll give you our commercial product when we launch in the fall, along with a year of service for free.

Click the link to learn more about Sofia Family, our Alpha test, and a link to a short survey if you are interested in participating.

-Bill Connors

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