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Pioneering Solutions in Medical Devices

David Halleck, HWI's VP of Electrical Engineering will be a part of a live panel discussion to understand the evolving landscape of MedTech's Connected Devices. Medical device technology has been ever-evolving and ever-changing with the growing need for pioneering solutions. The panel discussion will center on explaining how these changes are occurring and impacting the healthcare sector and what MedTech's role is in response. Discussion will include how health care IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) is influencing MedTech's offering and how India, an emerging manufacturing hub for Medical Devices, will continue to play a leading role in the next 5 years to deliver real value to address this need.

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Topic: Evolving Landscape of Connected Medical Devices

Time: 9 AM CT | 8:30 PM IST on June 8th, 2022

Our panelists include:

  • John P Sage, Chief Sales Officer, Vergent Products

  • Matt Mayer, Co-founder/Partner, Helios Medical Partners

  • David E Halleck, VP of Electrical Engineering, HWI

  • Vinay Solanki, Head, Napino Digital Solutions


· Nasser Lukmani, Sr. Managing Director, Blackhawk Technologies

Learn in what way the technology in healthcare is evolving and how it is changing preventive care.

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