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HWI supports local SHINE Prom

A highlight every year in Northern Colorado is the local SHINE Prom for people with Special Needs at Rocky Mountain Christian Church (RMCC) in HWI's community of Frederick, CO. SHINE Prom is an unforgettable evening where guests come and are treated to a night of honor, fun, laughter, dancing, food, friendship and connection. Every guest at Shine Prom starts off the evening with a red carpet experience and then throughout the night they receive VIP treatment including dinner, karaoke and games, carriage rides and of course, dancing! The night ends with every Prom guest being crowned as a king or queen of the prom! It's an unforgettable experience for these Special Guests!

This year, David Halleck, HWI's VP of Electrical Engineering, attended and had this to say "It really was a magical evening as my wife Kim and I were honored to be greeters of guests as they entered an environment of joy and love in this incredible event hosted by RMCC in partnership with the community. It was amazing to see God’s goodness coming out of so many people coming together."

HWI has been a corporate sponsor of RMCC's SHINE events for multiple years and consider it a privilege to participate in such a special night.

Please check out this video to see all of the fun!

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