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HWI supports Colorado Kids Belong

HWI continuously looks for ways we can support Foster Families and Kids in our community. Through a recent connection with the State Director of Colorado Kids Belong (CKB), Tracee Rudd, we learned of a growing need to support kids who "sge out" of the foster care system. These are kids who aren't reunited with family or adopted by age 18. In the state of Colorado, approximately 150-200 age out every year. The HWI team was able to gather items and resources to fully equip two "move-in kits" - the essentials needed for these young adults to get settled into their own apartment.

Tracee Rudd, State Director of Colorado Kids Belong, receives HWI's move-in kits

On an average day in Colorado, 11 children or teens enter foster care because their parents need time to learn new skills to become the parents their children need them to be. There are over 4000 children in foster care or other out-of-home placement in Colorado. Of these, there are approximately 800 children and teens living in a congregate setting, such as residential treatment center or a group home. Many of these 800 children and teens are ready to live with a foster family, where they are better able to heal from their past traumatic experiences, but no foster family is available to care for them. Over 400 are available for adoption. In other words, Colorado is experiencing a shortage of foster and adoptive parents. HWI believes in the mission of CKB and considers it a privilege to support their efforts on behalf of Colorado's youth.

If you or your business are interested in supporting the efforts of CKB, please visit their website HERE.

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