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HWI Participates in Mines Field Session

During the Fall 2019 academic semester, under the leadership of Design Engineer Huan Nguyen, HWI had the honor of participating in the Colorado School of Mines Computer Science department's capstone course, CSCI 3070 – Advanced Software Engineering. This course, more commonly known as "field session", is a course in which teams of undergraduate students nearing their graduation work closely with mentors in academia and industry to gain real-world experience.

Throughout the semester, the students worked hard, guided by their mentors, to learn industry-standard tools and create a software product that they presented to their mentors and classmates at the end of the session. These tools included widely-used software such as:

- Bootstrap; a web design framework created by Twitter and used in various forms by countless web developers and companies to make websites that look appealing and are aesthetically interesting.

- MongoDB; a database engine used by companies such as eBay, Uber, and Urban Outfitters.

- JavaScript and Node.js; a combination of one of the most widely-used programming languages for the web, and an industry-accepted tool for building web server software – these are used by the likes of Walmart, Netflix, Microsoft, and more.

- Angular; a tool that uses JavaScript to create web applications, used by companies such as McDonald's, UPS, and AT&T (this is what, for example, McDonald's used to build a website that you can use to order food from your web browser on your phone or computer!)

Through efforts such as participating in the Mines field session, HWI is committed to encouraging and helping the technologists of tomorrow. Students, especially, are encouraged to reach out to us on our contact page and inquire about relevant topics:

- The requirements to become, and the day-to-day experience of, an engineer.

- Internships and other co-op opportunities.

- Guidance on relevant coursework for college students, especially those interested in electronics and software.

Click on the Contact Us button in the top right and reach out! After all, we all Go Far Together!

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