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HWI Leads Seminar on Renesas Technology

On May 17, HWI presented an all-day training seminar on the latest Renesas

Flexible Software Package (FSP) technology. On-site participants included

engineers from various companies with offices in Colorado, such as

Medtronic and II-VI Incorporated. Engineers from overseas also attended


This training session was the first since the COVID-19 pandemic put a

damper on travel and events. Prior to the pandemic, HWI team members

often traveled both domestically and internationally to train other engineers

in the use of various Renesas technologies, including the RZ microcontroller

family and the Synergy family. In fact, HWI has been recognized by the

electronics giant as a Renesas Certified Training Center. As Michael Halleck,

Vice President of Software Product Development, likes to say, “We train the

folks who train the folks who use the Renesas chips and software stacks.”

Dev Mandya and John Taft from Renesas presented brief talks on Renesas’

history, the background of the Renesas Advanced (RA) family of

microcontrollers, and the FSP software for use with the RA MCUs. Lucia Fox

from AKI GIBB and Sarah Carlock at HWI were invaluable in coordinating the

event. Michael Halleck, along with Firmware Engineers, Ali Elhouderi and

Huan Nguyen, led the FSP training.

Topics for the May 17 seminar included an introduction to FSP, creating an

FSP project, and running the project code on a Renesas RA6M2

microcontroller evaluation kit. For engineers who mostly work with bare-

metal applications, there was also an afternoon lab session introducing

Microsoft’s real-time operating system, Azure RTOS.

The HWI team is looking forward to providing more training and to helping more engineers develop and deliver products with excited technologies such

as RA and FSP – there are more training plans in development, and we are eager to share them with future attendees!

If you or your team would be interested in participating in future trainings,

please reach out to us with the contact form at the bottom of this page or

call us at 303-833-3223.


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