HWI and Renesas Continue Strong Partnership

Renesas collaborates with selected global and regional partners in providing a range of solutions and software using RE MCUs to focus on core technologies such as energy harvesting, power management, HMI, security, etc., to accelerate customers’ development in battery- and maintenance-free IoT applications.

HWI was selected as the Engineering Services Renesas RE Partner for Tools & Software Support for this initiative.

These efforts are the latest in a series of collaborations between Renesas and HWI in developing solutions that use Renesas's cutting-edge SOTB transistor technology. Exclusive SOTB technology from Renesas breaks the previous trade-off between getting either low active current or low standby current consumption – previously you could only choose one. With SOTB, you get both without compromise. Additionally, SOTB supports high operating frequency for high performance and small silicon node geometry for high-density memory. This is a recipe for very capable, extreme low-power applications that run from harvested ambient energy – no batteries required.

To learn more about this partnership, visit the webpages for the Renesas RE Family Partner Solutions developed by HWI:

Each page links to a document brief, created in partnership by Renesas and HWI, describing the solution.

HWI is proud to present these solutions as part of our strong connection with Renesas, which extends years back to being a nationally-recognized, Renesas-certified training center for their Synergy platform.


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