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FBLA Judging by HWI

On January 31st, some of the HWI team members served as judges for the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) District 2 Leadership Conference, for fields such as app development and business plan creation. Under the guidance of their educator mentors, most student teams prepared presentations or projects that met most of the FBLA guidelines. While some fell short, others exceeded far beyond expectations.

There was a single team in the app development section. Mobile application development is an endeavor known for a higher barrier to entry, due to its requirement for foundational knowledge of basic computer programming concepts and basic design concepts before the specific knowledge of mobile development can be built or used. Yet, this single team of students developed a functional application using industry-standard tools (the Flutter framework, using the Dart language, both by Google), and demonstrated the app live on a physical phone.

Thanks to meeting brilliant students such as the aforementioned mobile app developers, the HWI team is excited to be part of future endeavors to nurture those who are enthusiastic about not only engineering, but business and entrepreneurship. Our motto is Go Far Together, and "Together" includes the engineers, the businesspeople, and those interested in becoming one, the other, or both!

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