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Exciting News for HWI

SteriPack Expands Medical Device Design Capabilities with Acquisition of HWI

LAKELAND, FL – October 12th, 2021 – SteriPack Group (“SteriPack”), SteriPack, a leading global contract manufacturing service provider to the medical device, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries, has acquired Frederick, Colorado-based Halleck-Willard, Inc. (HWI).

HWI specializes in the fields of electronics, firmware, software, electromechanical, robotics, IoT, RF, ASIC and microminiature design with a focus on medical & healthcare applications.

Together, SteriPack and HWI will provide our clients with innovative and responsive design, development and contract manufacturing solutions, integrating holistic product lifecycle management services.

Since 1984, HWI has focused on medical device design with expertise in FDA requirements and has been involved in the development of hundreds of products encompassing defense, communications, transportation, industrial/motor control, and consumer industries.

“HWI will enhance SteriPack’s capabilities as more medical devices and products require specialist design services incorporating embedded systems development, IoT full stack development, RF communications and even rapid prototyping,” said Andrew McLean, CEO of SteriPack. “This acquisition augments SteriPack’s suite of product lifecycle services, commencing with new ideas all the way through navigating the regulatory process, to manufacturing, sterilization and supply chain management.”

“SteriPack’s shared values, customer centric culture, and focus on innovation make it an ideal fit for HWI,” said Michael Halleck, President of HWI. He further commented, “The combination of our companies takes advantage of the strengths and capabilities in both organizations. HWI has a history of innovation and collaboration that will continue and grow with SteriPack’s capabilities and global network. We are excited to become the electronic and software design center for SteriPack, serving existing and new clients.”

About SteriPack Group

SteriPack offers contract manufacturing services, from initial concept to finished product, for the world’s leading medical device, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and allied healthcare industries. SteriPack’s global reach extends to more than 50 countries.

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A note from Michael D. Halleck

October 15, 2021

"I have been blessed to be a part of HWI from the very beginning in 1984. I worked professionally for HWI since 1990 and served as President since 2000. I have many memories both of success and hardship, celebrations and storms: I'm grateful for them all. I am especially blessed to have met and worked with an amazing group of employees, customers and partners. My life would have been very different had I chosen another career path. I would not trade the last 30 years. This acquisition of HWI by SteriPack marks a new chapter, no, a new volume in the history of this organization. While we achieved more than our fair share of successes on our own, I'm very excited about the prospects of what this group can accomplish with the excellence of SteriPack, HS Design and GPP supporting us. To borrow from every High School teacher's graduation speech, I see the future, and it is so bright I need to wear shades. Thank you all for the opportunity to serve."


PR: Chloe Bagley

Download press release HERE.

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