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Customer Spotlight: Luxonis

This has been an exciting week for one of HWI's long-standing customers, Luxonis, with the launch of their newest product, the Oak-D Lite. Considered "The Swiss Army knife of computer vision" this new pocket-sized sub-$100 4K spatial AI camera will surely create a buzz in the market. HWI works with Luxonis to develop and implement cutting-edge AI technology and components into high speed, small form factor visual recognition camera systems.

The Oak-D Lite features include:

  • Neural Inference (object detection, image classification, semantic segmentation, pose estimation)

  • Object tracking

  • 3D Object Tracking (up to 20 objects with a unique ID)

  • 3D Object Localization H.264 & H.265 Encoding (HEVC, 1080P, and 4K Video)

  • Motion Estimation (allows real-time background subtraction)

  • Feature Tracking (optical and visual-inertial navigation)

  • Corner Detection

  • Stereo Depth (including median filtering, tended disparity, and subpixel possible for wider dynamic range)

  • Warp/Dewarp - support for additional lenses for fish-eye applications

  • JPEG Encoding

  • MJPEG Encoding for easy web streaming

Luxonis' mission is to "materially improve the engineering efficiency of the world" ~ one can confidently surmise that the Oak-D LITE does just that!

Join the revolution in computer vision sensors and check out their Kickstarter Campaign HERE.

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