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Build On What Matters

We believe that the community in which we operate has a significant impact on our success. The support of the local Town of Frederick government and other organizations within it has provided resources, networking opportunities, and marketing support that has been helpful to the growth of HWI. We enjoy the collaboration, and in working together, reap the rewards of a stronger local economy.

Recently, David Halleck, our VP of Electrical Engineering, was interviewed by the Town and was able to give a tour of our Frederick location to Ryan Johnson/Assistant Town Manager and Max Duffron/Economic Development Manager. The Town's motto is "Build on What Matters" and we sure appreciate the many ways our business is supported and promoted by our local government and its leaders.

We are confident you will see why we love working in the Town of Frederick after you see the video below!


Frederick Population - 15,427 Regional Population - 3,213,202 5-Year Avg. Growth Rate - 5% Household Average Size - 2.78 Household Income - $102,221 Education - 37% over age 25 with bachelor’s degree+

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