In January, members of the HWI team served as judges for the FBLA 2021 Virtual District 2 Leadership Conference. The students did a wonderful job of adapting to the circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, submitting their presentations virtually.

Some students submitted presentation videos, such as those demonstrating a game that they had developed using some of the most popular tools in software development, such as the Python programming language.

Other students presented their submissions using cutting-edge software tools such as Repl.it, a browser-based application that presents itself as an "Instant IDE" in which developers can begin writing code without the confusing and lengthy setup involved in many software development toolchains and programming languages.

Younger people are often recognized for their adaptability to new forms of

technology, especially for new forms of social media. I, for one, am happy to see that this adaptability extends to learning and applying technology; perhaps in a decade or two, I will be learning about new tools and tech from the same students who presented virtually for this year's FBLA District 2 Leadership Conference!

~Huan Nguyen, HWI Firmware Engineer


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